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Important News and Announcements


The login node of PALMA is not a place to start any serious calculations nor is it a playground for testing purposes or compiling programs! Any user processes violating this rule will be terminated immediately without any warning!


The WWU IT is providing HPC resources to aid researchers conduct computationally demanding tasks. For this purpose we are hosting the PALMA-II HPC cluster.


In order to gain access to PALMA-II, you have to:

  • Register your research group for the usage of the HPC resources.
    This has to be done only once per research group. The application can be found here.

  • Register for the group u0clstr at the IT Portal
  • Change your main group according to your work group at the IT Portal
  • Register at our HPC mailing list
  • Read the how-to guides provided on this website

After registering it can take up to 24h until you can login at PALMA-II!


We kindly ask you to record any publication you made with the help of our HPC systems at CRIS.WWU with an appropriate note. Instructions can be found here.


Once a semester there is a lecture about parallel programming and the usage of our HPC system. This lecture is intended for people with prior knowledge in Linux and C/C++ or Fortran programming. It is not an introductory course, however, if you just want to inform yourself on the basic usage of PALMA-II, you are welcome to join the first day of this lecture.

News on HPC

Get important updates and news on HPC topics through our mailing list and have a look at the News page!

Getting started

A first overview can be found at the Getting started section. More specifics can be found at the individual pages in the sidebar.


If you have questions regarding High Performance Computing, you can write to

General HPC WIKI

In a joint effort of different German Universities, many useful tips and general information about HPC computing can be found at

Search this documentation

Memory72,384 GB
ProcessorIntel Xeon Gold 6140 18C @ 2.30GHz (Skylake)
Interconnect100Gbit/s Intel Omni-Path
GPFS Storage

1 PB

Linpack Performance

Rmax: 800 TFlop/s

Rpeak: 1,277 TFlop/s

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