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Dear PALMAII Users,

as you might have already heard in the News or from other sources, multiple HPC sites in Europe and worldwide have been subject to a security exploitation. As of now, the PALMAII HPC system has NOT  been compromised.

However, due to the ongoing events, we decided to increase security measures and from Friday next week onwards (2020-05-22) access to the PALMAII system will be restricted to SSH key pair authentication only. Password authentication will be turned off.

This means you have to create a new protected SSH key pair and upload the public key to our servers.

  • Instructions on how to create an SSH key pair can be found here.
  • A form to upload your public key can be found in the IT Portal under: HPC systems -> SSH access to PALMA II

Please create a new SSH key pair and do not re-use any old ones as we cannot guarantee that these have not been compromised on any other HPC system you might have access to. Please remove old keys from your home directory (can be found in $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys).

Kind regards,
HPC Support

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