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Important Information


Dear HIVE users,

During the last days, we have received messages about decreased performance and “slowness” of the HIVE. We are currently identifying the underlying issues and are actively looking for solutions to improve performance.

As first step, we would like you to clean up your data. That means:

- Free up space on the C: drive. Large data files must not be saved on C:. Please check especially your Downloads and Desktop folder and move large data files to a different location or delete them. Then also empty your trahs bin. You can of course keep small files like analysis scripts and macros in your Documents folder.

- Free up space on the RAID/D: drive. The storage at the RAID is meant for data that is currently being analyzed. Please check if you have stored old data there, which you no longer actively analyse.

- As permanent storage you can use your own server or a network share of the Uni Münster Cloud. You can find a manual how to transfer data from the HIVE to your server or Cloud here:

In case you need access to the Cloud network share, please contact us.

Please clean up your data until Nov 30th. If you haven’t done it by then, we’ll do it for you, and you might lose data.

If you experience any problems, please let us know! We’re happy to help.

Best regards,

The Imaging Network

Zeiss Elyra7 (MIN) + LSM980 (MIN)


Dear MIN LSM980 and Elyra7 users,

the storage space on our microscope computers is filling up quickly.
Therefore, from now on we will delete data that is older than 4 months during our routine maintenance to free up space.

Please make sure to transfer your data to your favorite storage solution as soon as possible after your imaging session. The microscope computers are not meant for permanent storage!

You can connect network shares, upload your data to OMERO or use harddrives (strongly discouraged!) for transfer.

We already cleaned up space on the LSM980, but backed-up all data that we deleted. So, if you're missing data from that microscope, please contact us!

The next maintenance is scheduled for December 6th. Please transfer your data before that date.

Best regards,
The Imaging Network.

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