Welcome to the Reproducible Research Support Service's (R2S2) online knowledge base!

⚠️ The R2S2 was a temporary pilot conducted in collaboration by the project Opening Reproducible Research (https://o2r.info/) and the Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi) and the University and State Library of Münster (ULB). Currently, there are no consultations possible. To learn more about the concept and offerings of the R2S2, take a look a the About page. ⚠️

As part of the R2S2 consultations, the team wants to provide a public resource to share relevant lessons learned and material for all researchers at WWU Münster who are interested in making their own work as reproducible as possible. You contributions to this pace are welcome, too! Please contact the R2S2 team at o2r.support@uni-muenster.de.

Find material in this space about ➡️➡️ reproducible research in general ⬅️⬅️,  including prepared reading material for different amounts of time you want to spent. Furthermore, there is material for ➡️➡️ specific disciplines or tools ⬅️⬅️.

This is a collaborative Wiki, so don't be surprised to see little content or placeholders - we will add more material on demand! Please get in touch!

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