Booking Schedule

You can book all microscopes that belong to the Imaging Network here:

Microscope Booking Site

The booking schedule is coupled to the active directory of the university. An account will be automatically created after your first login.


Before you can book a microscope, you will need a proper introduction by the person responsible for the microscope.

Please mind specific booking rules that apply for the different microscopes.

Quick Start

The booking schedule is only available via the university network or via VPN).

  1. Login with your University ID:

2. Go to Bookings:

3. Select your Schedule:

Microscopes are ordered based on their location (ZMBE, MIC, Schlossplatz etc.)

Software reservations can be made under "Software and Workstations".

You can use the filter on the left hand side to filter the microscopes.

4. Create your Reservation

If you're a first time user and might require assistance, please add the person that gave the introduction to you under "Participants" at the right. 

5. Editing Reservations

To delete your booking, click on it and select "Delete" under "more"

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