The HIVE is a high end Analysis Server for your imaging data. The HIVE is available to all users of the Imaging Network and can be easily accessed via the remote desktop connection, via VPN also from home. Since it runs on windows server 2019, it is very easy to use.

The Hive is centrally connected to the WWU-Cloud, which means that all data stored on user shares of the WWU-Cloud is directly available. There is no need to copy and duplicate data.

CPU:      256 Cores (AMD EPYC 7702)
RAM:     1024 GB
GPU:      Quattro RTX 8000 42GB
Storage: 12 TB SSD RAID + 2 TB M2 SSD with 3200MB/s
OS: Windows Server 2019

Fiji / ImageJ
Cell profiler
Huygens professional

(Additional Software possible, just ask the Imaging Network)

Data storage rules: 

  • C: drive. Large data files must not be saved on C:. Please check especially your Downloads and Desktop folder and move large data files to a different location or delete them. Then also empty your trahs bin. You can of course keep small files like analysis scripts and macros in your Documents folder.
  • RAID/D: drive. The storage at the RAID is meant for data that is currently being analyzed. Please check if you have stored old data there, which you no longer actively analyse.
  • As permanent storage you can use your own server or a network share of the Uni Münster Cloud. You can find a manual how to transfer data from the HIVE to your server or Cloud here: . In case you need access to the Cloud network share, please contact us.

For more information see:

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